departure from life

See: death
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Small details surrounding DenktaE-' departure from life are testimony to their shared experience.
ndles, towels, slippers and watches should not be given to elderly people.If they believe in terrible omens, they will regard the gift as a hint of departure from life in the coming year.
Plekhanov finished his works with his death, not paying attention to the fate of the organization, directed by him, after departure from life (Baron, 1963; Tyutyukin, 1997).
These include births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages, and all such events that have something to do with an individual's entrance and departure from life, together with changes in civil status that may occur to a person during his lifetime.
The word translates as ' the joyous one', and that fact would seem an irony if you consider her bleak departure from life. While the industry mourned the loss, it was also time for all secrets and allegations to come tumbling out.
But in a slight departure from life in the 10th century, people will be able to watch you go about your chores from the comfort of their own homes on a 24-hour Viking webcam streamed through the Big Heritage website.
She gives her a beautiful departure from life by singing her back to the goddess, reciting "the names of all the women who loved her, and the names of all the women she had loved." I was moved by Wilson's fierce honouring of her mother right to the last pages of the book, referring to the mornings after her death as "motherless."
The Tibetan Book of the Dead deals with nothing but the preparation for this important departure from life to death.
The analyses of Benn's later poems 'Spat', 'Tristesse', and 'Orpheus' Tod' show elegiac variety contrasting admirably with Brecht's mainly shorter, laconic texts, while both poets expressed similar attitudes towards departure from life.
Crippen to explain where she had died, receiving the vague response "Some little town near San Francisco, with a Spanish name, I think." The stories of her departure from life did not stay straight.