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The quality and dependability of our models is important to reassuring owners that we care about their Hyundai experience beyond their initial purchase at the dealership.
Overall dependability was determined by the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles with a lower score reflecting higher quality.
Commenting on the survey, Alasdair Stewart, Director, koda UK said: "This result perfectly illustrates koda's passion for delivering quality and dependability.
In 2013, overall vehicle dependability averages 280 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100), compared with 225 PP100 in 2012.
Practical knowledge and industry best practices to address dependability management and engineering issues from a system lifecycle perspective are explored in this book.
The process produced a total of 77 standards that were selected for inclusion in the Dependability and Safety part of the European Handbook for Defence Procurement.
Overall vehicle dependability averages 269 problems per 100 vehicles ( PP100) in 2010, improving by 21 PP100 from 2009.
This volume contains 44 papers from the June/July 2009 International Conference on Dependability of Computer Systems, focusing on multi-disciplinary approaches to the theory and technology of dependability and maintenance of systems and networks.
In particular, the Lexus LS430 sets the industry standard for dependability, with fewer problems reported than any other model in the study,'' said Sargent.
Our challenge is to bring to bear all the commercial benefits of globalism, while also maintaining and providing the core strengths, reliability, and dependability of our foundations and commitment.
Each Fortis lift truck may be customized with multiple powertrain configurations--gas, LP and diesel--to meet specific application requirements and optimize productivity, dependability and cost of operations.
The importance of the information systems dependability and security is increasing.

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