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Condominas (1998) preferait parler de <<formes extremes de dependance>>, impliquant d'emblee que les pratiques pouvant etre considerees comme relevant de l'esclavage sont des formes <<extremes>> de relations de dependance entre individus, culturellement, politiquement et socialement instituees.
Coal and nuclear sources with hydel power generation especially medium and small dams built are ideal from the point of view of affordability, availability, certainty and dependance.
Plusieurs avancees et developpements sur le plan de la recherche tendent a confirmer le role central du craving dans la physiopathologie de la dependance.
In order to determine the influence of separate indicators to compression stress the dependance of compression stress on density and amount of the binder was assessed, Fig.
La Loi relative a la promotion de l'autonomie personnelle et au soutien des personnes en situation de dependance (2006) a ainsi promu, en Espagne, un nouveau droit subjectif de citoyennete: le droit des personnes ayant besoin d'aide pour realiser les activites de la vie quotidienne a recevoir le soutien necessaire de la part des services publics.
The worst of the many design flaws of this reactor type are the dependance on several pumps and different water circulation systems to keep the reactor core stable.
That department now has a bloated budget and bulging staff and has had only negligible effect and virtually no results for its original mandate: reduce America's dependance on foreign energy.
Les relations energetiques entre l'Union Europeenne et la Russie - Dependance ou interdependance?
The country, whichaimportsaallaof itsaoil and gas needs,ais now considering renewable energy as a strategicaalternative to reduce gradually its energy dependance, and even export 'clean energy' to Europe.
Aussi, la majeure partie de l'ouvrage est consacree a demontrer l'echec des theories tiers-mondistes du developpement et de la dependance en Amerique latine (Prebisch, Tavares, Furtado, Sunkel, Echavarria, Cardoso, Faletto, Pinto, Marini, Frank).
Even if we meet our 2020 targets, which is a big if, we would still be a long way from being able to switch off our fossil fuel dependance, that is something we will not see in our lifetime.
This will dramatically reduce Ireland's long-term dependance on imports.