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DEPENDENCY. A territory distinct from the country in which the supreme sovereign, power resides, but belonging rightfully to it, and subject to the laws and regulations which the sovereign may think proper to prescribe. It differs from a colony, because it is not settled by the citizens of the sovereign or mother state; and from possession, because it is held by other title than that of mere conquest: for example, Malta was considered a dependency of Great Britain in the year 1813. 3 Wash. C. C. R. 286. Vide act of congress, March 1, 1809, commonly called the non-importation law.

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Therefore, given a dependency w and a set of dependencies F, F [satisfies] w denotes the fact that w is the result of one or more applications of the inference axioms on F's elements.
In addition, they may not account for dependencies on suppliers, customers, distribution partners, regulators and other important relationships.
Lot 1: Supply of type C diesel for heating and hot water for dependencies of the General Directorate of Police located in the province of La Corua.
[1] categorized several types of dependencies among workflow tasks.
The government has signed new arrangements with each of the Crown Dependencies (the Bailiwick of Jersey, the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Isle of Man) to maintain and reaffirm our close customs relationships.
Approval has assisted GitHub engineers who utilize open source software find potential problems with license dependencies early in the development cycle.
During the visits, the first official tour of the Crown Dependencies by a DExEU Minister, Robin Walker heard directly from people and stakeholders in each Crown Dependency to better understand their specific priorities.This included meetings with a range of ministers from various departments and law offices.
The UKOTs and Crown Dependencies all have their own identity and governing structure, with no representation in the UK Parliament.
lot no 1: dependencies located in puerto del rosario.
Contract notice: Cleaning services stations, automotive units and the montserrat rack, dependencies and car montserrat funiculars and dependencies workshop martorell of fgc.
The number of requests for dataHMRC made to Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territorieson possible tax evaders hit a record highin the last year as the Government cracked down heavily on offshore tax havens says Pinsent Masons, the international law firm.
As Table I shows, all models show dependencies, but few indicate whether those dependencies are being fulfilled.