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As a counterexample, in the case of phrase search, any query containing more than one phrase would lead to event expressions containing mutual dependent event keys for the different phrases; thus, it would be more reasonable to assume independence of different events generated by the vague predicate in this case.
In the following, let us assume that we can identify the sets of mutual dependent events, but that there is no additional information (e.g., giving the probabilities of combinations of dependent events).
In an out-of-order execution queue, a number of dependent events can be set for every event to ensure data dependencies.
OpenCL API provides that all dependent events must be continuously distributed in memory when setting dependent events for an event.
In order to decluster the earthquake catalog into main and secondary events, Reasenberg's (1985) algorithm is used in this study because the exclusion of dependent events from the catalog is an important part of an earthquake hazard analysis.
(2011) stated that just the main earthquakes must be considered in the recurrence analysis of earthquakes and all dependent events such as foreshocks and aftershocks must be excluded from the catalog before starting any calculations.
Among the changes, the USGS has chosen to group dependent events such as three earthquakes that occurred from 1811-1812 in the New Madrid zone as clusters instead of independent events.
Dependent events, such as foreshocks and aftershocks, in a sequence of earthquake events have to be identified before the earthquake risk can be estimated.
Studies have shown that impaired vascular contractile responses in chronic portal hypertension (CPH) are mediated via cAMP dependent events (1).
A sugar harvest is an intricate string of dependent events which cannot be fixed by focusing on one matter at a time.
, [y.sub.n], z, may not form a chain of dependent events it may still, in its intrinsic character, be just like processes in other regions (of this or other worlds with the same laws) that do form such a chain.
To count these "dependent events" separately voids the warranty on results from Poisson's formula.
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