dependent event

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Features include: -- Flicker-free 120 Hz stereoscopic 3D video -- Input Formats - above/below, side-by-side, interlaced and more -- Output Formats - Page-flip, DLP checkerboard, dual output, interlace and more -- DepthQ(R) Alignment (real-time X-Y stereoscopic parallax adjustments) -- Time Dependent Event Editor (IN/OUT points, Parallax changes) -- Time Code Capability -- DMX-512 Control of External Devices -- Cg GPU Image Processing (cornerstone, edge sharpening, contrast, brightness, etc.
Studies have shown that impaired vascular contractile responses in chronic portal hypertension (CPH) are mediated via cAMP dependent events (1).
A sugar harvest is an intricate string of dependent events which cannot be fixed by focusing on one matter at a time.