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Various SSRIs, (13), (14) TCAs, (10), (15), (16) citalopram-olanzapine combination, naltrexone, citalopram-clonazepam combination, (17) and fluoxetine-buspirone combination (18) have been studied as treatment for depersonalization disorder.
20) High doses of opioid antagonists, such as naltrexone, have been used successfully to treat depersonalization symptoms in patients with borderline personality disorder, (21) PTSD, (22) and depersonalization disorder.
A study of 117 patients with depersonalization disorder also showed that stress, negative affects, threatening social interaction, alcohol and drugs, and sleep deprivation were the most common exacerbating factors and that patients were most likely to be helped by relaxation, intense emotional or physical stimulation, positive social interaction, or task-focusing activities, said Dr.