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Queen Latifah links sexism with racism in her video "Ladies First," in which the lyrics speak of sexism and the visual images depict racism in South Africa.
They depict death not as a heroic act to be memorialized in sterile, whitewashed images but as ugly, painful, and loathsome.
Many suspected examples of woven caps might instead depict hairstyles, he says.
'Terrified', a large painting of a blood-stained young girl in oil on canvas, and the sketch 'The Famous Violence', which depicts a man gagging his wife, depict violence against women and girls.
The galleries also depict sacrifices of the armed forces and Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir.
Summary: A Sidon-based sheikh Wednesday called upon Christians supportive of Michel Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement to "watch out" for his policies to depict Sunnis "as a scarecrow."
Some coins depict pictures of the Royal Opera House while others depict coloured pictures of various musical instruments on reverse.
Artist Shampa Sircar Das has put together a combined exhibition of paintings that depict the confluence of the conscious reality with the metaphysical.
Both Buddhist and Daoist works depict heaven as "a blissful dwelling for souls of good people," and hell as "a fearful place where bad people are judged and tortured," she said.
The murals depict key locations and events that are significant to the communities where the Commerce Bank stores are located.
Many of the paintings depict a collection of anthropomorphized wolves and deer, and all but two place these beasts, clothed in fairy-tale ensembles, in a dark wood.
Whenever Nicolas accepts a commission, she delves deeply into the history of the person she will depict. Her favorite figures?