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So also is Joseph depicted as building stone houses in Sepphoris, though Wangerin doesn't let go of Justin Martyr's claim that Joseph built plows for farmers.
Army combat artist who depicted World War II in Italy.
Cries ranged in price from a halfpenny a sheet to half a guinea for a set of fine prints and were bought by the upper and middling classes, interested in the subjects depicted, how society was organized, or in artistic technique.
1) The discovery of new archival materials has helped to date more precisely its production, and has shed new light on the relationships among the figures there depicted.
She was intrigued with the manner in which Tademy weaved her personal family story throughout the historical events depicted in Cane River.
After a slight pause, return it under control to the starting position, which is depicted here.
Placement" is depicted as "the logical conclusion of the rehabilitation process" because "the end goal of the vocational rehabilitation process is the achievement of an occupational objective" (Roessler & Rubin, 1998, p.
The role of the fleshy, less-than-nimble, jaded creature trying desperately to keep up with the young and sensuous fillies was well depicted by veteran Rambert dancer Elisabeth Old.
To overcome tape's inherent limitations, the SAN manager copies data from the source disk to backup disk versus backup tape as depicted in Fig 1.
Numerous symbols and quotations are to be depicted.
The statistics depicted in Figure 1 indicate that EMS customers are going elsewhere for their consumable material requirements.
Depicted as a closed triangle, this model espoused that individuals may never satisfy all of their needs, especially needs at the highest level.