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Imagine, then, a third painting hanging in the Asamkirche, depicting a twenty-first-century foot washing or anointing.
The April 23, 1971 Daily World boasted that the marchers displayed a banner depicting a portrait of Communist Party leader Angela Davis, who was on record stating: "I am dedicated to the overthrow of your system of government and your society.
depicting a problem or task associated with the use of the product and the second image depicting the effect of using the product.
This somber poem depicting life as "flat like the belly of a violin" is accompanied by strumming open-chord clusters and rhythms reminiscent of a banjo; it is the least difficult of the three.
The class of 1974 memorial is two at-grade hexagonal intersections along the main spine of Thayer Walk, with a bronze plaque depicting modern-day conflicts and individual plaques illustrating West Point graduates' contributions to exploration, service, commerce, and knowledge.
The term "placement" denotes a passivity, depicting the individual as someone who is put into a job by the counselor or rehabilitation professional.
Another surprise element in the work was the brown blob--a sluglike object apparently depicting human junk that would suddenly appear and flop around like a lump of Jell-O at the back of the stage.
Mint's 50 State Quarters program, which honors each of the 50 states with a design depicting its unique history and traditions.
By depicting a black man in a pose of humility similar to that found in many representations of the Ethiopian Eunuch, the abolitionist seal defines a role for blacks in asking for their freedom similar to the Eunuch's in seeking salvation: Enslaved blacks should not demand, but supplicate for their freedom.
Coupled with omissions (lines indicating branches do not quite join up with those depicting trunks; at many points the contour of an object has given way to the contingent flow of paint from the brush) we have the sense of being quite clear what the depicted scene is yet slightly unable to grasp it.
MUSCAT: On the occasion of the Renaissance Day and to commemorate the Jewel of Muscat sailing ship voyage from Muscat to Singapore in 2010, the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) has issued a Silver Commemorative Coin depicting coloured picture of Jewel of Muscat.