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A silver coin depicting a picture of the Royal Opera House is priced at RO27, three sliver coins depicting coloured pictures of various musical instruments are priced at RO28 each and a large silver coin depicting a picture of the Royal opera House is priced at RO59.
London Cries, depicting the lower orders of the capital, survive in three formats: as broadsheet panels of engravings, as ensembles of individual prints, and as illustrated books.
Researchers whose work has incorporated ways of depicting what electron gases look like have had aesthetic payoffs as well.
Lining the walls of this exquisitely decorated yet surprisingly small church are large paintings depicting scenes from Jesus' life.
The religious character of the original painting, however, depicting Leo X as a prophetic figure, a new John the Baptist or Angelic Pastor, had already been set.
A regular contributor to lesbian and gay film festivals since the early 1990s, Israeli director Eytan Fox has been almost unique in directing varied work (ranging from short films to series television) depicting gay life in that country.
The April 23, 1971 Daily World boasted that the marchers displayed a banner depicting a portrait of Communist Party leader Angela Davis, who was on record stating: "I am dedicated to the overthrow of your system of government and your society.
This somber poem depicting life as "flat like the belly of a violin" is accompanied by strumming open-chord clusters and rhythms reminiscent of a banjo; it is the least difficult of the three.
The class of 1974 memorial is two at-grade hexagonal intersections along the main spine of Thayer Walk, with a bronze plaque depicting modern-day conflicts and individual plaques illustrating West Point graduates' contributions to exploration, service, commerce, and knowledge.
The term "placement" denotes a passivity, depicting the individual as someone who is put into a job by the counselor or rehabilitation professional.
Another surprise element in the work was the brown blob--a sluglike object apparently depicting human junk that would suddenly appear and flop around like a lump of Jell-O at the back of the stage.
Mint's 50 State Quarters program, which honors each of the 50 states with a design depicting its unique history and traditions.