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Unfashionable as documentary-style commercial communication may sometimes be, unspun depiction is often the advertiser's friend as well as the movie- goer's.
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Jan 15 ( ANI ): The Bombay High Court on Tuesday disposed of a petition against the wrong depiction of Sikh religion's 'Kirpan' in 'Zero'.
Our nations dramatic decline in youth tobacco use is a tremendous achievement, but on-screen depictions remain a threat to this progress and threaten to re-normalize tobacco use in our society.
He said Kashmir Gallery is the depiction of Pakistani nation' love for Kashmir, adding that ,"we love Kashmir and its people".
As per the draft legislation, wrong depiction of the map of India could land the violators in jail with a maximum term of seven years and fine up to Rs100 crore.
A Manhattan man is suing the Metropolitan Museum of Art over paintings that depict Jesus as light skinned and blond, saying that while the depictions are meant to be more aesthetically pleasing to white people, they cause him personal stress.
Victoria Hughes - a floristry student at Northumberland College - was <Bfirst in the Blockbuster category at Harrogate Flower Show with her floral depiction of the Hunger Games
But former minister Mary O'Rourke said yesterday she was "troubled" by the depiction of her brother Brian Lenihan.
Often within the depiction of survival is the depiction of joy and eccentricity.
The promising results of the first correspondence analysis encouraged us to repeat the test with the bovines, the most frequent animal depiction, which have to be considered as domesticated in view that a high mountain valley as Oukaimeden is not their natural environment.
A MAGAZINE ad highlighting the pick of England's tourist hotspots has sparked anger over its depiction of Wales - with a drawing of a smiling pig under a tree.