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Victoria Hughes - a floristry student at Northumberland College - was <Bfirst in the Blockbuster category at Harrogate Flower Show with her floral depiction of the Hunger Games
While the ex-Fianna Fail TD described the drama as "riveting", she said the families of the central characters might feel "bashed on" by the depiction of loved ones.
Through these silences and her depictions of the characters' facial expressions, Obomsawin captures the depth of the private thoughts of each main character.
Between the legs of the parabola, a progressive evolution through a more schematic depiction of animals is perceived, as occurs with the legs of animals, which evolve from triangular legs to simple lines.
Brown goes perhaps too far in seeking to align Monet's depiction of his wife posing in a garden in Springtime (1872) with Renaissance depictions of the pure unsullied Virgin.
Dr Fraser Hunter of the National Museum of Scotland said the carving was the "first ever depiction of tartan", adding: "Caracalla led military campaigns in Scotland.
Continue reading "Is 'Homeland's' Saul Berenson, Played By Mandy Patinkon, the Most Accurate Depiction of an American Jew on Television?
The company said that using Wolfram's Computable Document Format (CDF), users can create visual depictions of their data sets, which then can be manipulated by others.
Roy's depiction of characters with Asperger's Syndrome seems authentic, but the technical namedropping (echolalia, neurotypical, asynchrony) and accompanying explanations, often threaten good storytelling, including the subplot involving Nathaniel's crush on Jessa.
However, the lawyers said that Islam bans the visual depiction of prophets, their wives and children as well as the companions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
Indeed, there is a wonderful depiction of one in Istanbul's Museum of Roman Mosaics.