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According to Kress, one of the affordances of images is to provide depictive information.
Japanese 'hieroglyphs', argued Eisenstein, were 'the acme of montage thinking because two hieroglyphs form an ideogram which 'is exactly what we do in cinema, combining shots that are depictive, single in meaning, neutral in content-into intellectual contexts and series' (italics in original).
The following examples and associated discussions are depictive of the sociological impact of leaders' opportunistic approach to martyrdom.
The Depictive Statics of Teacher Efficacy Scores of Teacher Candidates and the Attitude Scores towards Teaching Profession in terms of Class Grade Grade Level-Attitude N [bar.
Pietrasinski's straightforward model is depictive of a linear approach to solving problems.
On occasion a vocal text is artificially set with rests between some or all of the syllables, for depictive reasons.
But even when highly scripted texts are followed, as in the daily prayers of Muslims, reformers may insist that the speakers utter them with 'powerful depictive imagination'.
Kitsch, he sighed, arrives only with a consumer culture and an iconic religion, a depictive religion.
Literature may play an interpretive role in an encompassing account of emotion, involving the complexity of real life, and presenting a unique set of depictive representations of emotional experience.
However, the age of ewe had no significant effect on number of services per conception because age may not necessarily be depictive of higher body weight (Table I).
Among the topics are kakva and cakva as two knives from northeast Anatolia, assigning a matrix language in Turkic language contacts, the copula in the Eastern Black Sea dialects, dialects and peoples in Orhan Kemal's Adana novels, two types of complement clauses in Turkish, sociolinguistic and ethno-linguistic aspects of Turkish texts in Georgian script, inalienability and syncopation in Turkish, converbs as depictive secondary predicates in South Siberian Turkic, two velar verb suffixes as the intimate parts of Altaic, and some examples from Inner Asian of internal contact between Turkic languages.