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SIDON, Lebanon: A Sidon-based sheikh Wednesday called upon Christians supportive of Michel Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement to "watch out" for his policies to depict Sunnis "as a scarecrow.
A third mosaic depicts the birth of Venus, goddess of love and beauty.
The film also depicts the CIA as an all-consuming organization that requires a degree of dedication and surrender of self on a par with membership in the Mafia or the Communist Party.
The murals depict key locations and events that are significant to the communities where the Commerce Bank stores are located.
Many of the paintings depict a collection of anthropomorphized wolves and deer, and all but two place these beasts, clothed in fairy-tale ensembles, in a dark wood.
Whenever Nicolas accepts a commission, she delves deeply into the history of the person she will depict.
Spellings also criticized the Public Broadcasting Service for a "Postcards from Buster" cartoon that depicts two lesbian couples.
All of these paintings would depict faithful responses to Jesus' command to wash each other's feet.
and depicts much of the pope's body in a seated position, (79) it lacks monumentality and seems to be more like a private family picture, as observed by Nesselrath.
The high court's main chamber contains a frieze that depicts great lawgivers throughout history.
Yossi & Jagger depicts the passionate secret love of two young fighters in an Array unit posted on the Israeli-Lebanese border.
Vincent van Gogh's "Moonrise" depicts a scene in Provence with the painter's unmistakable palette of brilliant, swirling colors.