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And therefore, if they want to depict, not God, but a revolutionist or a sage, let them take from history a Socrates, a Franklin, a Charlotte Corday, but not Christ.
I would fain linger yet with a few of those among whom I have so long moved, and share their happiness by endeavouring to depict it.
Dhyan depicts the state of the mind when one begins to seek and realise the essence of all truth: the search for moksha.
The sixth mosaic depicts the wedding of Thetis and the Greek hero Peleus, son of Aeacus, king of the island of Aegina, with several gods attending the wedding bearing gifts.
I call on you [FPM supporters] to pay attention to the policy of the Aounist movement which depicts the Sunnis as a scarecrow, and beasts that support of extremism," controversial Sheikh Ahmad Assir told a news conference at his office in Abra east of Sidon.
The statement also explained that the obverse of the coin includes Coat of Arms (Khanjar), the name of the country (Sultanate of Oman), the name of Central Bank of Oman, and Denomination in Arabic and English while the reverse of the coin depicts coloured Logo of the Sultan Qaboos University.
The book depicts, through its various stories, how we were happy without material things" she says.
Note the deep elbow position in the photo, which depicts the mid-range position.
Table 1 depicts that 62% denoted very important, 33% denoted important to read aloud to their children, and 1% denoted that it is not at all important.
Each poem depicts an image of some aspect of existence (Life, Death and Eternity) in vivid, stream-of-consciousness word pictures.
The Celebrated Soubrette depicts the sad tale of a cabaret dancer past her prime and is danced to the lush strains of Le Tombeau de Liberace by Michael Daugherty, played with gusto by the London Musici and with Stephen Lade tickling the ivories in the style of the flamboyant candelabra-loving pianist.
SAN optimized for tape backup: Fig 3 depicts the basic configuration of a highly reliable fault tolerant SAN as described before.