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value is noted as depletable mineral properties in Note 7.
One position represented in the literature is that the development of conservation depends, first and foremost, on learning that resources are limited and depletable.
Excluded from the definition are the natural resources (that is, depletable resources, such as mineral deposits and petroleum; renewable resources, such as timber; and the outer-continental shelf resources) related to land.
Specifically, NEPA directs the government to comply with six mandates: to protect the environment for future generations; to ensure aesthetically pleasing and healthful surroundings; to attain maximal beneficial environmental uses while minimizing degradation; to preserve natural diversity; to achieve an optimal balance between population and resource uses; and to maximize the use of renewable resources and recycling of depletable resources.
Of course, some areas of the country, such as the southwest and western United States are, by geography, arid and semi-arid regions and more accustomed to viewing water as a depletable resource.
It matters a great deal whether a commons revolves around finite, depletable resources (fish, timber, water) or social networks that are "infinite" (the Internet, cultural norms).
Abraham said, "It is not simply because many of our resources are depletable.
On the contrary, the Diaspora should be treated as a depletable resource, for "Jewish life has a future only in Israel.
Broadcasters, however, do not charge for signal reception; they charge for broadcast time, which is both excludable and depletable.
Geothermal has turned out to be depletable, with limited capacity, falling output, and modest new investment.
1) their virtually complete neglect of environmental deterioration; and (2) their treatment of depletable natural assets as current income contributing to an increase in the GDP.
18, 1995, he said: "We have no choice but to develop the domestic economy so oil will be left with a limited share in the national income as it is a depletable source on which we should not depend for our development".