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I can confirm the use of depleted uranium," Jacques said.
This whole process started with their application with the state to take this depleted uranium, and it is within their purview to have additional time since it is their site assessment.
Unfortunately, in a number of births the children are born paralyzed due to the dust and depleted uranium in the air flying to Iran from Iraq," representative of Ahwaz city in the parliament Shokre Khoda Moussavi told FNA on Monday.
Depleted uranium is used to make armour plating and munitions for several armies around the world.
We want to put "good" fuel in the body, and that not only means nutrition from what we eat, but also nutrients that may be depleted from medicines that we are taking, such as CoQ10.
He added that depleted uranium is used in radiographic cameras and clinical radiology equipment such as shielding material.
Today's veterans are reporting similar life-threatening medical symptoms, caused not by Agent Orange but by another substance, depleted uranium.
This legislation will help identify troops who have been exposed to depleted uranium (DU), clarify the effects of DU exposure, and provide treatment for returning troops who are experiencing problems because of DU exposure.
Government officials are critical of environmental groups' claims about depleted alerce stocks.
Is there a particular health problem associated with the military use of depleted uranium?
Through this process the body's glycogen stores are depleted as glucose is burned.
and British militaries have been taking fire for their use of tank-piercing bullets made from depleted uranium, a weakly radioactive manufacturing by-product of nuclear fuel and warheads.