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Also, 1,1,1 trichloroethane will be unavailable shortly, since it is an ozone depleter.
And at the end of the year, The EPA actually asked DuPont to slow down its phase out of CFC-12, an ozone depleter, on behalf o the auto industry, which still wants to use the chemical in it air conditioners.
Molders take note: After the 11th of this month, companies using any CFCs or HCFCs in their processes will have to print warning labels either on their products or shipping containers, depending on the type of ozone depleter.
Results of late-stage clinical studies evaluating tetrabenazine, an investigational dopamine depleter that works by blocking VMAT2, were presented during the symposium by Frederick J.
Previous studies have demonstrated that tetrabenazine, a dopamine depleter that works by selectively blocking vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2), improves the symptoms associated with a number of hyperkinetic movement disorders.
The chemical, widely used in the marketing and transportation of grain and as a pre-plant fumigant, was listed as a Class I ozone depleter by the previous administration.
Methyl bromide was recently declared an ozone depleter by the parties to the Montreal Protocol, a group of nations that signed a treaty to protect the ozone layer.
In addition, the company has agreed to eliminate its use of carbon tetrachloride, an ozone depleter, and reduce its use of sulfuric acid and ammonia by modifying its processes and installing recycling equipment.
Our CFC alternative technologies go beyond traditional approaches, such as substituting one ozone depleter for a less harmful depleter, and instead introduce technologies that eliminate the use of CFCs in certain manufacturing processes," said David R.
Zaelke says a movement has begun among the Montreal Protocol signatories to address HFCs even though they are not ozone depleters, on the grounds that increased HFC emissions are a result of decisions made under the Protocol.