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NETTOGAZ Greenclean offers an effective flushing and cleaning replacement for the prohibited ozone depleters, R11 and R-141B, in new and existing refrigeration systems.
A single rogue nation cannot destroy the ozone layer, because its economic capacity to use ozone depleters would be very limited unless it were a very large nation, like China or the United States, that has a substantial stake in the global system.
I thought you'd like to see some of the other vitamin and mineral depleters that many of us come in contact with every day.
dioxins, cancer or other wood combustion, benzene, arsenic, serious health chemical plants, beryllium, mercury, effects, such as oil refineries, vinyl chloride) birth defects or aerospace, reproductive manufactures, dry effects cleaners Ecosystem damage (particularly freshwater fish) Stratospheric ozone Skin cancer Fossil fuel, depleters (e.
Group Breeders" had premonitions early on in life to safeguard their fertility, whereas those who did not have premonitions until later in life were "Group Depleters.