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Releases in various formulations, all 100%-free of ozone depleting chemicals.
The Beaumont plant will also be upgraded in anticipation of its conversion to a non-ozone depleting process solvent.
The unique provision available through these programs and referred to as Medicaid Asset Protection, offers residents the ability to pay for long-term care expenses without depleting their assets in the event they need to apply for Medicaid.
After accepting its membership, the Sultanate was classified among the Article V countries; the countries where the individual average consumption of ozone depleting materials is less that 0.
Harwood of University College London and his colleagues report that lithium and two other mood-stabilizing drugs--carbamazepine and valproic acid--may all work by depleting nerve cells of inositol, a chemical that the cells use to signal each other.
Since the original signing of the "Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer," growing concern has led to additional agreements that accelerate the phase-out of ozone depleting compounds.
In accordance with the Montreal Protocol, the international treaty controlling ozone depleting substances, Malaysia and other developing countries will need to phase out the use of non-recycled ozone- depleting chemicals by the year 2010.
With RxRestore, pharmacists can help customers keep the depleting side effects of these medications at bay.