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In order to illustrate the relationships between polar vortex and ozone depletion, the linear regression, correlation, and composite difference analysis methods are adopted in this study with detrend data.
Nutrient Depletions enhances the quality of patient care by providing a portable reference guide to look up nutrients depleted for your patient's medication regimens.
Ineffective albumin depletion was defined as depletion efficiency of <90%, and calculated as follows:
The primary mechanisms responsible for the depletion of nutrients include inhibition of nutrient absorption, synthesis, transport, storage, metabolism, or excretion (Drug-Induced Depletion Handbook, second edition).
The purpose of this report is to determine the relative water use and soil water depletion by diverse crops grown in the northern Great Plains.
Revaluations are the change in the value corrected for the value of additions and depletions:
"We achieved depletions growth of 13% in the second quarter," reported Jim Koch, Chairman and founder of the Company.
They warned that if cold temperatures persisted, the return of sunlight to the region would energize chlorine reactions, causing major ozone depletion. The researchers reported last week, however, that the arrival of abnormally warm temperatures in late January hampered the destructive chemicals, preventing severe ozone loss.
The company said that the strong depletions growth was attributable mainly to Sam Adams seasonals, Twisted Tea and Boston Lager.
Though it may sound like the plot for a new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, this idea has been raised by a team of atmospheric scientists who use computer models to explore mthods of stemming the annual ozone depletion over Antartica.
Total Company depletions in the second quarter increased 2%.
Angell predicted severe depletions for 1990 in a paper published in the September GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS.