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Wam added that the committee's report would "establish what happened and ensure such a deplorable incident would not be repeated".
"Not only is it a waste of public money, resources and firefighters' time, but it's putting people at risk, therefore it's deplorable."
'Those targeting Justice Javed Iqbal will not succeed in their deplorable objectives and they will have to account for their doings.'
In a statement issued here today (Tuesday), Ch Parvez Elahi said that Justice (R) Javed Iqbal wants to strengthen the NAB as stability of national institutions is stability of Pakistan but elements hostile towards the country resorting to different tactics to undermine the prestige of the national institutions and weakening them have always been defeated and those targeting Justice (R) Javed Iqbal will not succeed in their deplorable objectives and they will have to account for their doings.
It is deplorable. Exemplary action needed by Gurugram authorities in this matter.
It is just ironical that President Uhuru Kenyatta recently launched the Universal Health Coverage, yet all these deplorable conditions are in the limelight.
The Sankor to Akyinim road is a 19 kilometres stretch, and considering the deplorable state of it, commercial vehicle drivers have declined plying it.
It's still using this deplorable approach in an attempt to come out of its deep crisis," Shaikh Khalid tweeted.
The chief minister said that scuffle that took place during the Sindh Assembly Session is regrettable and deplorable. 'I condemn it in strong words as it was uncalled-for and I have never seen such an attitude of the opposition in the assembly in the past,' he said and added inexperienced assembly members have no knowledge and care for code of conduct besides respect of the august house.
"I understand the desperation and desire of this government to vilify my family especially since they are being exposed daily for some alleged scam or other, and am well aware of the lengths to which they are going to use the media to further their political ends but that they should sink to such depths as dragging a 75-year-old lady into their vendettas is deplorable,aACA[yen] wrote Vadra.
'This cowardly act of violence against a good man is really deplorable,' he said.
If there is one word to describe Pakistan's batting performance against New Zealand it would be deplorable." Journalist and analyst Aalia Rasheed said the current lot of players needs to learn from role models such as Javed Miandad and Younis Khan in how to deal with pressure.