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He behaves deplorably, yet he still has to emphasise that he's giving the orders.
Denis Hird, JTL's chief executive, said: "By fully recognising the value of vocational qualifications for school-age students, we stand a much greater chance of being able to recruit and train the skilled people that we need." He continued: "Youth unemployment is deplorably high - clearly something isn't working.
Sentencing her to six months in jail, Judge Michael Chambers QC said she had acted "deplorably".
Whereas comics could be "very effective" in imparting "moral lessons," Kelly said, lurid crime comics fell deplorably short.
It meant getting an additional something on top of the deplorably meager food ration.
Seen from the perspective highlighted in this edition of "Bologna With Student Eyes," development over the past three years since the Leuven/Louvain-la-Neuve Conference in 2009 has not been satisfactory in a number of areas, even deplorably sliding backwards on some of the key action lines.
As I read through your October "Season Preview 2011-12" issue, I keep hearing the perturbing strains of theatre artists describing our field as deplorably single-dimensional and monochromatic.
I don't know what Mr Johnson did, but if Jennifer Hedges is suggesting it doesn't really matter if women in bars are fondled by strangers, then all I can say is that it is no wonder that standards of behaviour in society have sunk deplorably low.
The trade relations between the two countries are deplorably undeveloped and in practice there are no Brazilian investments in Bulgaria.
On the other hand, we have to use the state-to-state paradigm to postpone the "existential" or "narrative" issues - refugees, holy places - that have repeatedly thwarted Oslo-based final status negotiations, as Abbas demonstrated so deplorably in his General Assembly speech.
Saeed bin Suroor''s four-year-old ran deplorably when favourite for the Celebration Mile at Goodwood last month, finishing last.