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The point here is that Vickers attacks Foster on his own ground, rather than deploring the Elegy's uninspired language or its focus on the consolations of the Christian afterlife.
For once, I write with an insider's knowledge, for I am skilled in the arts of deploring and cajoling, and this column is just a holiday from my regular work.
The Christian patriarchs and heads of churches in Jerusalem issued an appeal on October 21, deploring what they compared to 'acts of terrorism.' Pope John Paul in Rome also condemned the violence and expressed his sorrow that "war and death even reached the square of the Basilica of the Nativity of Our Lord."
We appreciate it is a sensitive time in the current international fight against terrorism, however, we would also appreciate if the press/government would, in addition to deploring attacks against innocent members of the Islamic community, make the distinction that there are other innocent communities, which have a similar dress code to the Taliban, but are not akin to them.
Download Berri calls Shorter, deplores Manchester terror attack NNA - Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, on Tuesday called British Ambassador to Lebanon, Hugo Shorter, deploring the terror attack that occurred at dawn in the English city of Manchester.
Deploring the fact that government had completely failed to control law and order situation in the country with people of Karachi in deep fear due to target killings , he added that government had become a silent spectator over situation of Karachi.
Human Rights Council on Tuesday adopted by consensus a resolution strongly deploring Myanmar's ''violent repression'' and urged the military junta to let its investigator in the country.
Paris--The Vatican has joined the French attorney general in deploring a judgment by supreme court judges in Paris that a handicapped person can receive compensation for being born.
NNA - The MPs and dignitaries affiliated to local parties condemned and deplored on Wednesday the fresh incident in Saadiyat, whereby MP Aladdine Terro, MP Mohammad Hajjar from the Future Boc, Progressive Socialist Party senior Salim Al Sayyid, Jamaa Islamiyya senior Omar Sraj, and Hezbollah's senior Bilal Dagher gave out deploring words after the incident.