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The soldiers at Fort Drum, like American soldiers around the world, didn't join the military to stay at home; they will deploy willingly, even gladly, wherever and as often as their commander-in-chief asks them to.
Having personnel who can and must deploy when needed will be a key to MTMC's future success.
Equally important is that we have IONA's world-class services organization behind us and the confidence of knowing that the Celtix services we deploy today will be an integral part of our SOA as it matures and evolves.
Zhone's market-leading Broadband Loop Carrier equipment enables operators to rapidly deploy revenue-generating access services using their existing infrastructure, while providing a migration path to a cost-efficient, all-IP access network.
To accommodate the growth of its business in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and integrate worldwide operations, the company sought to both deploy custom applications designed for the global retail business and improve response times of existing applications over the wide area network (WAN).
delivering Richer, Thinner, Faster Enterprise Applications over the Web, today announced Nexaweb UCF[TM] - the industry's first zero-install, universal client framework that gives application developers the flexibility to use Ajax or Java technology to deploy enterprise-class, composite business applications over the Web.
AppLogic gives anyone with a browser and basic IT skills the ability to visually assemble, deploy, manage and scale N-tier Web applications in minutes, effectively removing the time, cost and complexity barriers associated with bringing Internet-scale services to market.
By integrating Adamind Spire(TM) Platform as part of the SDP environment, operators will be able to enjoy pure media adaptation and in the near future be able to deploy additional added-value media-handling features and solutions from Adamind.
While 41 percent of respondents plan to deploy client PC virtualization, the survey of more than 550 IT professionals found that only 8 percent of all individuals surveyed have currently deployed application virtualization technologies in their client environment.
With implementation and support centers on five continents, Apriso is well equipped to implement and deploy solutions that go beyond multiple 'siloed' systems, to a tightly synchronized network of locations whose processes work in synergy.
Support for the new MSN Messenger Activity Window, enabling a developer to create and deploy bots on the MSN network that include rich interactive graphic content
Leap's decision to deploy our next-generation switching solutions for its Cricket service at the core of its network demonstrates the unmatched quality, reliability and cost savings Tekelec delivers to our customers," said Rick Mace, executive vice president, Global Business Group Operations at Tekelec.