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Also, the policewomen have been deployed in other bazaars frequented by women and that they will be there until 12am.
More than 7,000 police personnel will be deployed for Traslacion 2019.
"I visited a deployed squadron last year that was manned by 81 Airmen from 41 different bases.
Zero-day attacks are designed to take advantage of a vulnerability that is unprotected until a signature is isolated, produced and deployed. Hackers taking advantage of this seven to 30 hour window have a very easy and effective way to fly under the radar of most security products.
Microsoft is the biggest target in part because it's the most widely deployed operating system in the world, but also because the hacker community resents "closed source" applications like Windows.
Should our Army deploy to, stag the Sudan, it's possible that soldiers will find themselves as relief workers and truck drivers one minute, and infantrymen the next.
Our powerful email blaster lets you deploy large campaigns quickly, effectively and confidently.
CORRECTION: Will missile defense be perfect against all threats when first deployed? Certainly not.
TSgt Skerbitz recently deployed on a mission to Laos as a member of a recovery team.
Businesses are able to develop and deploy substantial technology and functionality at a fraction of the cost because of the Internet's economies of scale, while workers from clerical to knowledge-based gain real-time, ubiquitous, contextual access to mission critical information and functionality without regard to physical location, information or access method.
By contrast, the fishers who deploy reefs have a strong incentive to protect and manage them; they know where the reefs are, and can come back later to catch more fish if they leave some behind to breed and to grow.
plans to deploy NMD--a goal that the new Bush administration has specifically advocated--the Russians have said they will withdraw from the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty; will pull out of the START II agreements, in which the two countries have agreed to lower the number of deployed strategic nuclear warheads on each side to less than 3,500; and will refuse to negotiate further nuclear reductions under proposed START III agreements.