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This division formation achieved a significant improvement in strategic deployability but was not fielded because it failed to achieve acceptable levels of lethality and survivability.
Within the Deployability Branch, Newman was the only employee to move to Scott as part of Base Realignment and Closure 2005.
TEA PAM 70-1, Transportability for Better Deployability (Take a close look at the Vehicle Sizes and Weights Chart in TEA PAM 70-1.
There is nothing that is going to stop the deployability of simulation and the embedding of simulation out on real platforms," Mohler said.
President Bush should immediately request detailed information on deployability problems and evacuations due to pregnancy during the battle of Iraq.
Although the Army is reducing the Crusader's weight so that two vehicles can be deployed on a C-17 aircraft, the deployability advantage gained does not appear significant.
He called on planners to help determine what the organizations, platforms, and system-of-systems architecture of the future need to look like and "what capabilities are needed to achieve responsiveness, deployability, agility, versatility, lethality, survivability, sustainabilit y, and full spectrum dominance this decade.
The panel recommended that all $331 million appropriated for B-2s in fiscal 1998 should be used ``for upgrades to improve the deployability, survivability and maintainability of the 21 existing B-2 stealth bombers,'' and not to begin building any more.
Integrated InfiniBand routing, encryption and other functions enhance deployability in commercial environments.
And after the discussions we have had today with the defence ministers you know it is an informal meeting, so it was not set up for taking decisions formally - we will come back to a formal setup of the Foreign Affairs Council with the defence ministers on 18 May, both on the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), on the mechanism to coordinate our defence budgets and on the deployability of the Battlegroups.
I think we've also lost a lot in lethality" but in using robots, unmanned vehicles, the US Army wants that maneuverability, deployability and firepower back, he added.
While encouraging Bulgaria to maintain, and if possible increase, investments in these capabilities, and to a limited extent, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) capabilities, we view the development of new niche capabilities as secondary to the primary goal of increased deployability of combat troops.