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The listed US priorities focus on boosting the deployability capacities of the Bulgarian forces, elimination of outdated defense equipment, avoiding "budget-busting mega-procurements", and maintaining certain niche capabilities of the Bulgarian military.
We have one of those jobs where, if you do it right, nobody knows you're doing it," said John Newman, chief of TEA's Deployability Engineering Branch.
TEA PAM 70-1, Transportability for Better Deployability (Take a close look at the Vehicle Sizes and Weights Chart in TEA PAM 70-1.
You can look at the obvious benefits of cost effectiveness and low emissions, but there are also the noise level and deployability aspects.
V5R13 also extends industry-specific capabilities that support new product introduction programs, makes them available to supply chains and smaller businesses, and improves deployability through increased openness and standards support.
For this deployability concept to work, US forces must be able to move smoothly into, through, and out of host nations, which puts a premium on establishing legal and support arrangements with many friendly countries.
This places a premium on the agility, deployability and sustainability of our forces.
Deployability is a "wonderful freebie" that has evolved out of advanced technology, said Mohler.
Oppose the deployment of women in close combat positions and related policies that detract from unit strength, deployability, morale and discipline
President Bush should immediately request detailed information on deployability problems and evacuations due to pregnancy during the battle of Iraq.
Although the Army is reducing the Crusader's weight so that two vehicles can be deployed on a C-17 aircraft, the deployability advantage gained does not appear significant.