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As recognised by the Future Technology Advisory Panel report "FTAP First Cycle Final Report 2012" " system studies and technology developments are recommended to be undertaken to mature the concepts" for large ultra-stable deployable structures.
Raytheon's D-RAPCON solution consists of primary and secondary ATC radars integrated with a quick set-up deployable radar antenna, self-contained deployable ATC operations center, ATC voice (VHF/UHF) communications system and secure networked data communications.
The JECC's joint deployable team that deployed within 48 hours to U.
If a pedestrian is struck by one of the new XKs, the deployable bonnet on the car automatically pops up a few inches to increase space between the engine and the bonnet.
said this capability will give joint expeditionary forces "a very lethal, very deployable system" that's also highly maneuverable on the battlefield.
The SwiftLink family of deployable communication systems fills a market need for providing vital and extremely portable secure communication links.
The system may be used for public health awareness programs, international and/or domestic emergency management, and other circumstances which require an immediately deployable ruggedized hardware system.
Founded in 2007, it is supported by leading open source companies from around the world who are dedicated to improving interoperability among software products, resulting in integrated and rapidly deployable solutions for business users.
Today, current generation deployable communications have focused on providing communications paths between users to enable interoperable voice communications between first responders.
Air Force's Deployable Radar Approach Control (D-RAPCON) system consists of two major subsystems: radar and operations.
VBrick appliances seamlessly integrate into the deployable units' existing TDC-based networks.