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2 Smart Grid Market, France, Outlook for Deployment of Integrated Communication Technologies, 2011-2016 35
To preclude problems with unit cargo deploying via commercial carrier, all equipment and containers were first brought to a staging area controlled by the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command.
In conjunction with our partners, we have determined the most important issues and identified appropriate leads for each of them, and we have begun building a defense logistics enterprise through a series of joint improvement teams to drive deployment and distribution process enhancements.
The FTTX Service Pack includes professional services to address these and other issues related to FTTX deployment.
The squadron's first major deployment to the western Pacific (WESTPAC) in March 1961 covered fleet operations in the South China Sea during the 1961 Laotian Crisis.
Even relatively small variances in material properties can have major effects in deployment performance of air bag covers.
A lot has happened in the time since the last workshop in 2002: war in Iraq, formation of the EUCOM Deployment & Distribution Operations Center, and closure of Rhein-Main Air Base to name a few.
Paragon Software Group, the leading provider of innovative, reliable technologies and software solutions in the field of storage management and data safety, today announced the launch of Paragon Deployment Manager 8.
To kick-start the planning process, SDDC fielded Task Force Bastogne, a small group of deployment command-and-control experts whose mission is to coordinate and oversee the deployment.
The technology is expected to improve occupant safety, while allowing UTA to produce instrument-panel and steering wheel air bag covers for customers with styling that is unhampered by the lines dictated by current-technology air bag deployment doors.

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