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While this is the first instance where SDDC is using BCS3 at its strategic deployment and distribution Common Operating Picture--COP--other Army and Marine units have used BCS3 in this capacity in the past while deployed to war as well as at home station," said Lt.
On a third WESTPAC deployment on Kearsarge, VS-21 flew surveillance missions off Vietnam following the August 1964 Tonkin Gulf incident.
The FTTX Service Pack includes professional services to address these and other issues related to FTTX deployment.
A major boost to product deployment came in June when Microsoft released iSCSI support for its Windows 2000 client and server versions, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 platforms.
Ralph Cote of the 842nd Transportation Battalion was the lead Marine Cargo Specialist for the deployment.
CVW-11 spent about 13 months of a 14 month period away from home, starting with workups in late 2002 and culminating in an 8 month deployment to the Arabian Gulf aboard Nimitz.
The shared storage of the IP SAN can be configured to suit different types of Exchange deployment supporting multiple types and scale of Exchange clients.
In all, the unit mobility teams and deployment support teams from the 599th Transportation Group deployed nearly 2,000 pieces of the division's equipment and containers.
Two more deployments on board Abraham Lincoln to the Arabian Gulf followed in 1993 and 1995, which included missions in support of air operations over Somalia and in Operation Southern Watch, enforcement of the no-fly zone over Iraq.