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Well, birth dearth alarmists say, the planet is depopulating and graying, and the implications of that are worse than if population growth were to continue.
A previous unpublished evaluation of a CBGA with a depopulated center array found that depopulating the center degraded the thermal fatigue life.
Recommendations, based on Spain's experience with reform, include negotiating decentralization between the system center and regions; letting a court decide disagreements; making changes incrementally; transferring physical resources, such as school buildings and equipment, in good condition; redirecting reforms; keeping quality managers on the job; balancing funding between rich and poor regions; depopulating the ministry of education; developing educational leaders; adequately funding the educational expansion; provide strong political support; sharing vision; and governing by laws and not personalities.
From midnight until the refugees were turned back at 3:30, some 2,850 people made it out of Kosovo, making a total of 238,415 who have crossed the border since the Serbian campaign of depopulating the province began.
Poultry companies and veterinarians agree that depopulating an affected broiler house is the best way to prevent spread of disease and protect human health in the event of an outbreak.
The Delmarva Poultry Industry (DPI), the trade association for this area, has recommended depopulating every broiler house within two miles of an infection by the high-path H5N1 strain of AI.
The rapidly depopulating Angkor was to be largely devoured by the jungle.
Jefferson goes on to write, "I rejoice too with you in the happy consequences of our revolution, namely our separation from the bloody horrors which are depopulating the other quarters of the earth, the establishment here of liberty, equality of social rights, exclusion of unequal privileges civil & religious, & of the usurping domination of one sect over another.