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Likewise, the degradation in fatigue life when depopulating the column array followed the trend observed in testing both C4 flip-chip devices and CBGAs.
Many argue that the government really aimed at depopulating key parts of the south, since it could then rule the territory and utilize its resources without contending with a hostile population.
In other words, the African slave trade, in both its African-European and African-Arabian dimensions, was a tragic affair of sheer brutality resulting in depopulating and destablizing Africa.
The gold and silver brought back by the Spanish monarchy had the complex economic effect of impoverishing and depopulating Spain and enriching its enemies, England and Holland.
However, current legislation has not reduced Florida's risk and Blue Cod maintains that the startup community represents the only real solution for successfully depopulating Citizens.
We are also appealing to the International Community to exercise pressure on Sudan Government to rapidly and unconditionally disarm the janjaweed and it's militias, remove the new dwellers it brought from the Neighboring Countries from the land of the indigenous people and stop the killing and depopulating the IDPs Camps " the International Community has to rise to the challenge of stopping the ongoing genocide in Dar Fur and it has an a awesome responsibility to achieve that and the fiasco to protect will wreck it's credibility and have grave consequences in years to come".
If they were, they would vigorously petition Western governments to end the huge sums spent on depopulating the Third World by programs promoting abortion, sterilization, contraceptive drugs and devices, and pornographic sex education.
From midnight until the refugees were turned back at 3:30, some 2,850 people made it out of Kosovo, making a total of 238,415 who have crossed the border since the Serbian campaign of depopulating the province began.
Poultry companies and veterinarians agree that depopulating an affected broiler house is the best way to prevent spread of disease and protect human health in the event of an outbreak.
The Delmarva Poultry Industry (DPI), the trade association for this area, has recommended depopulating every broiler house within two miles of an infection by the high-path H5N1 strain of AI.