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* Eliminates the requirement for agents or policyholders to take action on depopulation offers during hurricane season and decreases the policyholder decision period on offers to 60 days or less.
What's actually surprising is that the rural population of Spain slightly increased between 2000 and 2010, but since then it has declined to the point now where 53 per cent of Spain's land contains only 5 per cent of its population, according to a study from CEDDAR, Spain's Research Centre of Depopulation and Development of Rural Ayuntamientos.
The papyri recording tax moratoria show at least twenty villages in the region suffering from depopulation in this period.
The researchers conclude that depopulation was largely the result of falling numbers of new residents moving to these counties and "was not due to an extraordinary exodus relative to historical norms."
Tim Bayliss-Smith reads Rivers's well-known work on shell shock against his statements attempting to capture depopulation in Melanesia.
[USPRwire, Sun Apr 19 2015] Eastern Europe will be the only world region to experience depopulation in 2012-2030.
Himyari said in a statement today : " al-Mukhisa / 35 km northeast of Baquba witnessing since many years to hostile scheme aims to Depopulation and confiscating orchards in implementation of political change demography of the region , stands behind malicious hands , some known and others working in coulis .
The market share of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Louisiana's insurer of last resort, is estimated to shrink to under 3% for the first time in six years following a seventh round of depopulation in 2014.
The proposals, which are optional for policyholders, may help Citizens' depopulation program as it attempts to deflate from its position as Florida's largest writer of property insurance.
Serbia's Minister of Regional Development and Local Government of the Republic of Serbia Verica KalanoviA visited the village Farm near Zajecar, where depopulation and migration territory were very pronounced.The Minister said during a visit that eastern Serbia is the least ecomomically developed part of the country with the oldest population.
The country is experiencing depopulation and a demographic crisis.