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Despite the high volume of deportees returned to Mexico, little is known about the health consequences of this type of forced migration.
It's outrageous that deportees are allegedly receiving payments for arrears to their benefits.
According to their complaint, a woman identified as Talvinder Kaur arrived as a deportee from France to India on December 26.
He also found the recent chartered flight arrangement for deportees, the first from Japan, a worrisome development because "it's like a black box where no one can see what's happening inside.
According to Pakistani media reports, 200 out of the 500 men were allowed to go to their homes after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and custom officials scrutinised the documents of the deportees at the Ghass Bander Kemari.
As Dorland explains, the return of French deportees was particularly complicated because they left a collaborationist regime and returned to an Allied one, thus acting as a highly vexing reminder of something the nation had not even begun to come to terms with.
To facilitate tracking of deportees and medications, a medical "meet-and-greet" process was used with the Honduras NTP, in which deportees were met at the international airport in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, by a Honduras NTP official.
After 9/11, however, sufficient pressure was brought to bear on the Cambodian government in Phnom Penh that its reversed its policy and began accepting the deportees.
In light of the foregoing, it is reasonable to conclude with a CARICOM (2002) Task Force Report that, "although imperfect, the existing information suggests that there is nothing particularly dramatic about the quantitative impact of deportee crimes.