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Following the deposal of Patriarch Antonios by the Synod, more than sixty members of a fellowship of the Orthodox Church were told to withdraw their signatures from a petition protesting the closure of their fellowship and to confess that the church leaders, namely the deposed patriarch, were heretics.
It is hard to imagine how any sane person could fail to see his deposal as an improvement.
His murder apparently came as a result of infighting between Shiite groups vying for power in the vacuum left by the deposal of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
With declining Tier One customer demand for the type of electronic products provided by GDP during 2008, coupled with the subsidiaries' lack of profitability and substantial reduction in revenues from 2007 levels, Company executives determined that the deposal of GDP through a sale of selected assets, would both help mitigate the loss while strengthening the Company's valuation posture as they aggressively pursue new acquisition candidates going forward.
The qualifier alongside an earlier clash between storied Cairo club Al-Ahly SC, whose militant supporters played key roles in the toppling of Mr Mubarak and the subsequent three years of volatile street politics, and the Orlando Pirates, South Africa's oldest football team, have become litmus tests of the military's ability to demonstrate that it can ensure security amid a growing insurgency in the Sinai and continued protests against Morsi's deposal.
Nasser, an army officer who spearheaded the deposal of Egypt's monarchy in a military coup in 1952, inspired with his charismatic character Arab national sentiments all over the Arab world.
An official of bomb deposal squad was quoted as saying 10 kilogram explosive material was used in the remote control blast.
Reviewer Dave Mitchell describes the IronPort appliance as a powerful messaging security appliance with an impressive arsenal of anti-spam and anti-virus weapons at its deposal.
The Philippines, suffering from longstanding poverty, was thrown into tumult in the wake of the political scandal surrounding her predecessor Joseph Estrada, whose deposal by a peaceful ''People Power'' revolt led Arroyo to assume the country's top post Jan.
But there's no going back, Egypt has awakened, indicative in both the deposal of Morsi and the subsequent protests for his reinstatement.
It goes without saying that Lebanon after the publication of the list of charges will not be same as it was before, as Hizbullah leaders say, but it is also true that Hariri after his deposal will not be the same as he was before either," Oweis said.
Iraq under Saddam Hussein was ripe for another father-to-son succession of power before the deposal of his regime at the hands of the US-led invasion in 2003.