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To make a deposition; to give evidence in the shape of a deposition; to make statements that are written down and sworn to; to give testimony that is reduced to writing by a duly qualified officer and sworn to by the deponent.

To deprive an individual of a public employment or office against his or her will. The term is usually applied to the deprivation of all authority of a sovereign.

In ancient usage, to testify as a witness; to give evidence under oath.

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v. 1) to ask questions of a witness or a party to a lawsuit at a deposition (testimony outside of the courtroom before trial). 2) to testify at a deposition. (See: deponent, deposition)

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TO DEPOSE, practice. To make a deposition; to give testimony as a witness.

TO DEPOSE, rights. The act of depriving an individual of a public employment or office, against his will. Wolff, Sec. 1063. The term is usually applied to the deprivation of all authority of a sovereign.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Critics have charged that Lamberth gave Klayman far too wide a berth to depose people and subpoena documents in areas often completely unrelated to the issues in the original suits.
In a fresh blog on Wednesday, the intern said " since a committee has now been constituted, I will depose before the Hon'ble judges." In a statement immediately after her first blog and interviews to legal websites went viral, she had said: " I think the blog post has already gained more publicity than I ever intended it to.
As the trial enters its last leg, it is imperative for the Pakistani witnesses to come and depose here, this will help the prosecution's case, said the official.
Le President Moubarak s'est ensuite rendu au tombeau du defunt President Anouar Sadate et y a depose une gerbe de fleurs et recite la [beaucoup moins que]Fatiha[beaucoup plus grand que] pour le repos de son ame et salue les membres de sa famille.
" Our request to the committee is that this is an in- house proceeding and when witness[ es] depose about matters in their knowledge, even on behalf of Mr.
Paul Chui of Mount Elizabeth hospital who conducted the post mortem of the victim had to depose on his report.