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To make a deposition; to give evidence in the shape of a deposition; to make statements that are written down and sworn to; to give testimony that is reduced to writing by a duly qualified officer and sworn to by the deponent.

To deprive an individual of a public employment or office against his or her will. The term is usually applied to the deprivation of all authority of a sovereign.

In ancient usage, to testify as a witness; to give evidence under oath.


v. 1) to ask questions of a witness or a party to a lawsuit at a deposition (testimony outside of the courtroom before trial). 2) to testify at a deposition. (See: deponent, deposition)


(Remove), verb cast away, cast out, demote, deprive of rank, dethrone, discard, discharge, discharge from office, disemploy, disentitle, disestablish, dislodge, dismiss, displace, dispossess, divest, drive out, drop, eject, evict, exile, expel, fire, impeach, loco movere, oust, oust from office, put out, put out of possession, recall, reduce, turn away, turn out, unseat, usurp


(Testify), verb adduce, affirm, affirm under oath, asseverate, attest, aver, avouch, avow, bear witness to, certify, declare under oath, depone, give a solemn deccaration, give an account of, give evidence, give proof, give proof by a witness, give sworn testimony, make an affiiavit, make deposition, plead, profess, promise, relate, say under oath, swear, swear under oath, testari, testificari, vouch, vouch for, witness
Associated concepts: depose a witness
See also: acknowledge, adduce, affirm, assert, attest, avouch, avow, bear, certify, declare, demote, discharge, dislodge, dismiss, dispossess, divest, oust, remove, supplant, testify, vouch

TO DEPOSE, practice. To make a deposition; to give testimony as a witness.

TO DEPOSE, rights. The act of depriving an individual of a public employment or office, against his will. Wolff, Sec. 1063. The term is usually applied to the deprivation of all authority of a sovereign.

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The gains you reap from experts being nervous and ill-prepared for cross-examination at trial can outweigh the benefit of the information traditionally obtained by deposing them.
The deposing attorneys may be attempting to upset your composure and compel you to tell a differing account just to be done with the line of questioning.
Modi, who is facing the BCCI inquiry for his alleged " individual misdemeanours" in the IPL, has alleged that Board president N Srinivasan sent a " subtle message" to Punjab Cricket Association ( PCA) president IS Bindra to refrain from deposing.
Editorial includes: an outline for deposing the child's parents; discovery and investigation techniques; sample medical reports and critiques; sibling and parental testing and its impact on a case; jury selection; analysis of Title X and its impact on lead paint poisoning litigation; the role of confounding variables; how to calculate lost wages; cross-examing neuro- psychologist; and, deposing a health inspector.
" She was found incapable of deposing by ASJ ( additional sessions judge) in September, 2007, now summoning the child wit- ness, in fact, would amount to summoning a tutored witness," Justice Dhingra said.
Pakistan's interior minister Rehman Malik had said last month that without the two Indian officials deposing before a Pakistani court, it would be " impossible" to get the seven accused Pakistanis convicted because the charges depended solely on Qasab's disclosures.