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The place where a deposit is placed and kept, e.g., a bank, savings and loan institution, credit union, or trust company. A place where something is deposited or stored as for safekeeping or convenience, e.g., a safety deposit box.

This term should not be confused with depositary, which is the person or institution taking responsibility for the deposit, rather than the place itself.

U. S. depositories are banks selected and designated to receive deposits of the public funds (e.g., taxes) of the United States.


noun apotheca, archives, bunker, cache, catchall, coffer, collection, container, depot, hold, holder, magazine, place for safe keeping, place of deposit, receptaculum, repertory, repository, reservoir, safe, safeeeposit box, storage, store, storehouse, vault, warehouse
Associated concepts: depository box, legal depository, reservoir
See also: arsenal, bank, cache, catchall, repository, reserve, store
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Juniper Bank, with consolidated assets of approximately $437 million, is the 21st largest depository organization in Delaware, controlling $326.
Giovanni Capriglione, R-Southlake, began pushing the idea in 2013 but was only able to draw enough support from other lawmakers by requiring that the private sector run the depository and charge fees to cover its costs.
Ventas hopes its five-year partnership with the Food Depository will have a meaningful impact in ending hunger among our older adults," said Ventas Chairman and CEO Debra A.
Depository Receipts is a negotiable financial instrument issued by a bank to represent a foreign company's publicly traded securities.
Global Trust Depository has a stellar market reputation and has been in business for more than 34 years.
The Romanian depository is the first foreign depository institution to become a member of Bulgaria's Central Depository.
Assuming that this proceeds, investors will be advised that depository interest quoted on AIM can be transferred to and from depository interests on the ASX on a one to one basis and the depository interest represent one ordinary share.
The 340-square-meter depository, located at Hong Kong International Airport on Chek Lap Kok island, will conduct storage and physical settlement activities for the Mercantile Exchange, central banks, commodity exchanges, bullion banks, precious metal refineries and issuers of exchange traded funds.
Depository (the Issuer of Depository Interests), Capita IRG Trustees Limited
The general meeting of the members of the Partnership approved suggested amendment to a Regulation on NDC's Audit Committee and extended the term of office of members of the Audit Committee elected by the general meeting of NDC's members on April 25, 2008 up to the moment of state registration of "The National Depository Center" (Closed Joint Stock Company).
The real benefit of the expansion of the AJCA provisions to depository holding companies is for existing C corporations, with IRA shareholders, that are considering electing S status.
Appendix A provides a routing symbol guide that helps depository institutions determine the maximum permissible hold periods for most deposited checks.

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