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1 -- color) Jim Escalante, left, and Tom Bergh are working on making the depot, located in Santa Susana Park, a haven for railroad enthusiasts.
All [the workers] are doing is meeting up with customers of the Home Depot that were hiring.
Tessie Pino, overhaul and repair supervisor in the depot's F/A-18 team, explained the challenge current operations place on the depot.
Sean Perry, another Army veteran who works at the depot as a grade eight mechanic, agrees with Cody.
If Home Depot can force discipline on its suppliers, as Wal-Mart has done, to deliver various sizes of shipments as demand warrants, that might change the look of many Home Depots.
The relationship strengthens the brand and creates greater efficiencies for both parties, said Bob Nardelli, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Home Depot.
A recent survey conducted by Office Depot (NYSE:ODP), a leading global provider of office products and services, revealed that most business people (53 percent) function in a state of "controlled chaos.
They think the Depot Foundation is trying to rustle their business.
Over the last two years, The Home Depot has been recognized as a leader within home center retailing by integrating environmental considerations into its day-to-day operations.
We are thrilled to once again partner with Office Depot in the building of a new home for a deserving family," said Joseph Santarella, President of Habitat for Humanity South Palm Beach.
But thanks to $362,725 in county community development block grants, work is due to begin next month that will renovate the old depot on 10th Street with an electric ramp for the disabled and new floors and bathrooms among many other improvements, officials said.
The creation of a new global headquarters marks a significant milestone in Office Depot's history," noted Steve Odland, Chairman and CEO of Office Depot.