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Judge Morgan told Thomas: "As a result of your depravation, your victim lost a sum of pounds 21,967.
Thirteen of the 121 reported sleep depravation lasting more than 24 hours.
Yet it was a shock to see so much depravation and so many derelict buildings.
The two had set out on a marathon 37-hour match on Friday and battled shocking heat, followed by rain, fatigue, sleep depravation and even delirium, to smash the Guinness World Record by almost an hour.
Que Ell One" is the Vietnam war what "Catch 22" was to World War II--a very special and comedic laden perspective on the lives of military support personnel in a time of frustration, depravation, lengthy stretches of boredom laced with flashes of absolute panic.
As a former regular soldier, building site foreman, lecturer in a further education college, senior training advisor; father of four sons, grandfather of 11 and great grandfather of four, chairman of a school governing body for 38 years of a school in an area of social depravation, I feel qualified to comment.
But even that would not be assured, considering the growing complaints about economic depravation and diplomatic isolation among North Koreans, particularly the intellectuals.
In the next 30 days, 10 months of sleep depravation will be rectified, the front gate that has been hanging like a broken arm since Christmas can be repaired, the peeling paint around the windows can be scraped, and the lawn that looks like an ad campaign for Pheasants Forever can be mowed.
Also called float tanks and sensory depravation tanks, they are large, waterproof, soundproof boxes in which the user floats on a bed of water thick with Epsom salts, basking in dark, warm, private silence.
Number of years that Canada has topped the list since 2006: 4 Percentage of new parents who rank money worries as their greatest challenge, ahead of sleep depravation and the rigors of caring for their baby, according to survey results released by Visa Inc.
Despite the depravation and aggression on their doorsteps, the inhabitants of Prendergast Road are determined to make regeneration work.
I am a great believer in the effect of our surroundings on our state of mind and city life, with little to please the eye, induces a tension and depravation which is relieved in a less developed environment.