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Further grim details of Falder's offending, including sharing and distribution of vile and depraved abuse material, were described on the third day of his sentencing hearing.
He added: "This was nothing other than the most depraved and horrific campaign of sexual abuse.
Gause was charged with two counts of murder (13)--namely, intentional murder and depraved indifference murder.
Twice-married Grant has been told he could face a life sentence for his sickening and depraved attacks.
The ultimate goal is to give prosecutors, defence attorneys, judges, juries and law enforcement officers a formula that they can use to figure out just how depraved they should consider a crime to be.
Depraved indifference murder is an anomaly in the field of criminal law.
Mr Braham said Jaggs, left, had the same privileges in life as his beautiful daughter but the depraved killer "spat in the face of everyone who had given him his advantages".
Elements of second degree murder include depraved indifference to human life, reckless conduct that gravely endangers others and causing a death.
At its zenith of Hollywood popularity, from the '40s to the early '60s, stars came here to let their hair down, often in depraved and wanton ways they could never get away with in Los Angeles.
Unprecedented in particular is the enactment of depraved laws by Catholic politicians who nevertheless present themselves for Holy Communion, apparently immune to the psychological condition known as cognitive dissonance.
forces and were instead just killed as unintended victims of jittery soldiers shooting up Baghdad, these killings are evidence of a depraved indifference to human life--resulting from the stress of fighting a prolonged war against a civilian population, with no clear goals or exit strategy.