depraved person

See: degenerate
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The poor despised Parisian may be a very wicked and depraved person, but certainly he goes about with an absolute unconsciousness of it upon his gay and kindly countenance.
When Currens was jailed in 1994, Lord Mayfield said: "I regard you as an utterly depraved person.
KASUR -- A depraved person threw acid on his two stepdaughters over domestic disputes leaving them critically injured here on Saturday.
This campaign won't make the internet any safer' Meanwhile, if you are the sort of depraved person who does like watching porn (shame on you
What on earth is happening when a depraved person gets four-star treatment?
Thus for a depraved person the absence of shame is "an incorrigible defect," while in a good person the presence of shame is blameworthy (176).
Ipswich is a wonderful town and I hope this reward will help the police capture the depraved person who has carried out these crimes.
REPROBATE: noun - a depraved person, a scoundrel Modern day examples include Steve Johnson, the slimeball exboyfriend of Charlotte Church who has written a sordid kiss and tell book, including intimate details of their sex lives and wild allegations of alleged drug taking (see also: parasite, pathetic, and scumbag).
I think the percentage of such depraved persons is very less.
For example, in Romans 1:28, Paul provides a laundry list of depraved persons whom he considers deserve death.