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"Manly" topics, like Bill Clinton's budget proposals and what "we" should do about Russia, dominate the talk shows, while other issues of desperate concern to women and children are consistently ignored or deprecated.
Subsequently, however, his work has been deprecated for its shallowness and sentimentality.
At the time, Apple said it had no plans to issue a patch, adding the software "would be deprecated on Windows and the vendor would publish removal instructions for users." Apple has yet to post an official announcement regarding the apparent deprecation, but on Monday confirmed the development to The Wall Street Journal.
NNA - Kataeb party on Monday deprecated the release of former minister Michel Samaha, urging to mull the exceptional tribunals, especially the military court, before its total abolition.
Undoubtedly, the Spitfire is more graceful in flight but the continued sidelining of the Hurricane from its paramount role in winning the Battle of Britain is to be deprecated. It can't be very nice for the few remaining Hurricane pilots and their families and descendants, can it?
NNA - "Change and Reform" bloc head Michel Aoun deprecated the attempt to control the rights of Christians through depriving them of the appointment of their representatives in the positions of power.