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Yup, that's us--uncaring, dishonest, nast); deprecating, mean, unfeeling and in decline.
Government efforts to promote religion drain religious practices and beliefs of their spiritual significance, thereby deprecating, rather than revitalizing, religion.
We've been deprecating the mechanisms in Java because they've proven to be a most pernicious source of obscure bugs.
But other changes are perhaps less obvious: to wit, Microsoft is deprecating Paint in the Fall Creators Update, and may remove it entirely.
NNA - Future MP Ahmad Fatfat on Wednesday harangued calls deprecating the candidacy of Lebanese Forces leader to the presidential polls, as he is an ex-con, saying that if Samir Geagea is ever responsibilized, all warmongers must then be prosecuted with no exception whatsoever.
The 'Up' singer admits he can come across differently to how he perceives himself, and he often likes to be self deprecating in response.