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They were able to find a small metal pole building that Linda deprecatingly refers to as a "farmer's shed," and they were in business.
I set out for King's one afternoon in pouring rain, leaving behind a bleak Strand, to be confronted by a jocular, open and friendly figure somewhat deprecatingly assembling himself in a brilliant scarlet Harvard doctoral gown as he prepared to go off to some university function.
The book is therefore, as Professor Lass deprecatingly observes, 'a kind of hybrid: a cross between "a book on English" and an introduction to some major aspects of English linguistics'.
Roger Ferguson, who was then vice chairman under Greenspan, referred to himself deprecatingly as "a mere cadet sitting next to the monetary policy Yoda," casting Greenspan as the all- wise and powerful Jedi master.
Synagogues in Washington have the unique advantage of counting among their ranks people who hold what Ross' wife, Debbie, has somewhat deprecatingly referred to as "the Big Job.
Interestingly, it is used by writers on both sides of the religious-political spectrum - pridefully or deprecatingly.
His wit, though spoken lightly, deprecatingly, is pointed.
26) As she settles in at Blackwater she thinks deprecatingly of herself as "plain Marian Halcombe, spinster" (p.
He describes his new book, deprecatingly, as "a self-indulgence.
Rather as Mrs Thatcher said "the Lady's not for turning", so Cumani himself might deprecatingly remark "the wop's not for the chop" and he has an uncanny knack of chiselling out what he calls a `headline horse' with whom to take on the big battalions.