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As a poor Filipino peasant/farmer would deprecatingly quip: 'Dati magsasaka ako, ngayon magsasako.' (I used to till the land, now I have empty sacks.) A seditious remark, if you ask me.
His eccentric stage moves defy description but his vocals were spot-on and his between-song announcements self deprecatingly funny.
But the big majority fall in that range often deprecatingly described as average.
Roger Ferguson, who was then vice chairman under Greenspan, referred to himself deprecatingly as "a mere cadet sitting next to the monetary policy Yoda," casting Greenspan as the all- wise and powerful Jedi master.
Synagogues in Washington have the unique advantage of counting among their ranks people who hold what Ross' wife, Debbie, has somewhat deprecatingly referred to as "the Big Job." But what sets Kol Shalom apart from the capital's other influential Jewish institutions is that here Big Job guys aren't just members: They're the founders.
Interestingly, it is used by writers on both sides of the religious-political spectrum - pridefully or deprecatingly.
His wit, though spoken lightly, deprecatingly, is pointed.
He describes his new book, deprecatingly, as "a self-indulgence."
'I think I've been lucky,' she says, deprecatingly. 'Each of my characters has been different each time.'
"I think I've been lucky," she says, deprecatingly. "Each of my characters has been different each time."
"The downside of it is that if I turn on the telly at three in the morning my face is generally the first thing I see," she groans self deprecatingly.
In his book he speaks deprecatingly of persons who live wicked old lives and then when they feel old age creeping up on them turn to good works as, he terms it, "fire insurance" designed to keep them out of hell.