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The GIT plan would allow expensing for all new investment while the SIT proposal would allow for a simplified accelerated deprecation.
The second key clue from the train/plane example involves asset costs and deprecation.
Lydall anticipates that the charge associated with this consolidation, primarily comprised of severance costs, the acceleration of deprecation of assets and relocation costs, will be between $3 and $3.
The Espoo, Finland-based company blamed deprecation of the US dollar's value, but this has surprised analysts because the dollar has been strengthening recently.
Or the apparent self-deprecation is a preemptive strike to prevent an opponent doing real deprecation.
mehitabel, about whom archy writes with gentle deprecation, took as her motto "toujours gai.
Top 'gentlemen' include David Beckham for his manners and Colin Firth for his self deprecation.
The bloc's deprecation came at the backdrop of a recent Israeli military court order to hold Hamas MP Aziz Dweik, speaker of the Palestinian parliament, for six months without trail.
However, the company affirmed its forecast for earnings before interest, tax, deprecation and amortisation (EBITDA) of EUR350m and a pretax profit of EUR250m in 2011.
The Swedish design and development group Semcon AB reported on Thursday (20 October) an operating profit before deprecation of SEK69.
The taxpayer maintained records on the rental income and expenses, amounts invested and deprecation deductions.