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"Well, he will have you to look after him." He made a deprecatory gesture, sat down, and took up a paper.
Looking in the direction whence it proceeded, Phoebe saw little Ned Higgins, a good way down the street, stamping, shaking his head violently, making deprecatory gestures with both hands, and shouting to her at mouth-wide screech.
"Oh!" said Rosamond, with a slight deprecatory laugh.
"This is beside the question," said the moneylender with a deprecatory shrug.
With a deprecatory laugh, he explained why he had come.
Spenlow, settling his chin in his cravat and rubbing it softly, went over the items with a deprecatory air - as if it were all Jorkins's doing - and handed it back to Tiffey with a bland sigh.
'I'm very much obliged--' he was stammering, when the butler raised a deprecatory hand.
He always asked if the patient wanted anything, and when the latter replied that he only wanted to be left in peace, he would turn away obediently and make for the door on tip-toe, with deprecatory gestures to imply that he had only just looked in, that he would not speak a word, and would go away and not intrude again; which did not prevent him from reappearing in ten minutes or a quarter of an hour.
"Not at all," he answered, with a deprecatory wave of the hand.
Whatever it is that moves President Duterte to flaunt his deprecatory attitude toward women, he should keep it between him and his doctor until they find a cure for it.
He really seems to have fun mouthing the dialogues that is self deprecatory and laden with expletives.