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Although depreciating licenses are a theoretically ideal solution, many of the same benefits can be achieved in another way that may be more consistent with traditional FCC policy and practice: using the "foothold auction" system, which modifies standard auction rules to provide advantages to incumbent licensees.
For example, an acquiring taxpayer would not be bound to continue depreciating replacement property under the alternative depreciation system if the previous owner had elected to do so under section 168(g)(7).
In the medium car category the pounds 17,640 BMW 1 Series 116i SE was the best performer, depreciating by 49 per cent, followed by the pounds 12,345 Volkswagen Beetle 1.6, which lost 54 per cent.
"The current-shape Nissan Micra is actually placed among the slowest depreciating cars in its class by motor industry experts," the company says.
A related solution to protect foreign countries against the prospect of depreciating dollar reserves was proposed by France a generation ago: The U.S.
If you bought a car for business in 2002, you might want to deduct the business use costs instead of depreciating it over time, says Barbara Raasch, CPA, PFS, and partner with Ernst & Young in New York City.
''We don't see a depreciating over the next couple of months,'' Buenaventura told Kyodo News after speaking at the summit.
Throughout the second quarter of 1998, the Japanese yen weakened consistently, depreciating 4.1 percent against the U.S.
He informed the Senate Standing Committee on Finance that he had consulted the Finance Minister Asad Umar before depreciating the currency.
"The most depreciated currencies were Indian rupee depreciating by 11.7 per cent and Indonesia, by 9 per cent," the finance department said in the latest economic bulletin.
Instead of lumping improvement costs into the total price of the facility and depreciating the sum over a period of two or more decades, these costs are reclassified into a shorter depreciation schedule.