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Cette liste est aussi reductrice et depreciative que les caracteristiques que Michaux accordait aux Belges (leur inertie, leur peur de la pretention qui les rendrait mediocres).
Still, despite all these regulatory actions and subsequent falls in market caps, speculators have continued to move to technology-built and decentralized governance-based currencies as a substitute for depreciative and central bank-backed currencies.
Scientific expressions are associated with depreciative and violent metaphors related to women.
depreciative): a pitiable, despicable, or ridiculous-looking person" (OED, 2nd ed., s.v.
This understanding can inform the development of effective education-based communication strategies aimed at mitigating depreciative frontcountry visitor behaviors.
The narrator's description here might be slightly colored by Emma's chivalric imagination, but regardless of perspective, the term, which, according to the OED, is "[o]ften depreciative," clearly depreciates Mrs.
Dans la plupart des regions du Bresil, les cheveux frises sont en effet communement appeles aujourd'hui, de maniere depreciative, <<mauvais cheveux>> (cabelo ruim).
We have observed some depreciative meaning that detracts from the interest of devaluing the symbolic capital of agroecological food: on the one hand, agents representing agribusiness call themselves 'food producers', concealing the agrochemical name, as discussed below, and seek value in their large-scale productivism; on the other hand, they attribute to 'ideologies' the production of ideas over food.
i) suppressing some old-fashioned and depreciative vocabulary (particularly in the German version of the Swiss Civil Code),
Helicopters are generally noisy, so their constant presence can be a source of annoyance to those on the ground--this negative implication is also carried into the semantics of the compound, which is labelled as "depreciative" in the OED.
Was it a depreciative laugh at the cosmic investigation of the philosopher?