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The reason for depreciatory significance of the model could be not large enough sample of input data or too much independent variable in the model.
As a result, mounting depreciatory forces in the form of lower remittances from Russia and reduced gold exports will come to the fore, significantly weakening the som.
When a cartoon depicts Mohammad in a very depreciatory way, Muslims do not take it as a joke.
BMI Research, a Fitch Ratings company, said, 'We also believe that the Singapore dollar continues to face broad-based depreciatory pressures that will see it lower over the coming quarters.'
Lower oil prices will place depreciatory pressure on the Trinidadian dollar (TTD) over the coming quarters, resulting in a deterioration of the country's terms of trade and weaker investment inflows.
Loss of these amounts to a depersonalized mentality and makes of being "the object of a systematically depreciatory analysis, involving psycho-pathological interpretations, Freudian or otherwise; or of a sociological analysis which inevitably seems to confuse the infra- and the supra-individual ..." (Marcel, 1964, p.
Robin has fallen into the trap of inferring that "the graveyard of ambition" is a depreciatory expression.
One of the common posters seen during the manifestations read the following: "STUFF THE 20 CENTS IN SUS", as a parody of a popular depreciatory saying used to signal the rejection of someone or something.
Someone just went out of their way to say something nice, and we respond with a depreciatory remark.We always state the importance of giving, but never give attention to the importance of receiving, and this is reflected in the way we receive compliments.
This is due to the continuation of the depreciatory trajectory of the South African rand (against the US dollar), which first began in 2011.
In a statement issued over Bilawal's depreciatory statement, the Rabita Committee said Sindh's health ministry is being run by some of the highups of the PPP.
(23) In his classic work on the Constitution Beard observed that "[t]he opposition to the Constitution almost uniformly came from the agricultural regions, and from the areas in which debtors had been formulating paper money and other depreciatory schemes." (24) It is this soft version of Beardianism that has come to dominate historical scholarship.