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I was reading Henry Miller's banned book, Tropic of Cancer, which actually is a great classic--I never heard of it at Columbia with anything but depreciatory dismissal comments--he and Genet are such frank hip writers that the open expression of their perceptions and real beliefs are a threat to society.
5) This could occur in various forms but is most intractable when, as a result of long suffering, such a depreciatory image projected by others becomes internalized.
7) The depreciatory sense of 'imperialoide' has to be measured, instead, in relation to Pessoa's theory of imperialism and to the positive notion of empire it implies.
Gaffer" was once a term of endearment, quite unlike its modern depreciatory censure of the old man (Fischer, 1978).
The rhetoric describing asylum seekers is depreciatory, pejorative, and clearly racist.