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Fifty percent of depredated nests (50%, n = 24) were situated under rock walls and large stones, even though these nest-sites were well protected from above, in the front and the back of the nest (Tables I, II).
Five females on treatment units successfully hatch their third nest following a previously successful hatch and brooding of their first attempt and a depredated second nest.
Of those, 72 clutches (81%) were depredated, nine (10%) were successful, five (6%) were abandoned and three (3%) were flooded.
If so, the costs must be capitalized and depredated over the asset's useful life.
In larva state, corals are massively depredated by fishes and other predators.
The height of its western slope is 1.5-2.0 m; it is slightly eroded by waves and much depredated. Northwards from the section (an area of approximately 1400 m in length) the beach narrows to 15-20 m.
A comparison for three field blocks for parakeet damage showed that for maize on the right field corner, 1.09% occurred while for that of sunflower, 2.71% were recorded towards the left side, and the middle remained negligibly depredated (Fig.
We were particularly interested in the behaviors of both ants and Miami blue larvae upon first encounter and then subsequent interactions that would indicate whether ants ignored, tended or depredated larvae.
The captured python had depredated two of these federally-listed mammals (FDEP, unpubl.
Virtually all nests left in situ on the beach are depredated unless protected by wire enclosures.