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Marti, who cannot be suspected of xenophobia of any kind (in this same energetic text he warns that "it is not to be supposed, by an antipathy proper of a village, that the blond people of the continent are of an innate and fatal evil"), has symbolized in his tiger, on one hand, not a country but a depredating system, call it colonialism, imperialism, neocolonialism, or any other word signifying exploitation and oppression of one country by another--such is "the tiger from outside"; and on the other hand, the local exploitation and oppression, no less abominable--"the tiger from inside.
Alaskan courts have not directly addressed the issue of whether the state's own constitutional protection of private property may permit the killing or harassment of depredating wildlife.
Yet with bighorns so few that the loss of any individual threatens the species' survival, selective control of depredating mountain lions can only help.
We have a few confirmed cases of mink depredating nestlings (direct observations or bite marks in remnants of killed nestlings), and many more cases when we strongly suspect mink without clear evidence.
During the time that the wolf was listed as endangered in Minnesota, depredating wolves were trapped and moved to other areas.
The parasite can induce this behavior by depredating the host clutch.
Most reports of owls depredating bats have been observations made at roosts and caves when large swarms of bats exit (Twenty, 1954; Baker, 1962; Fenton et al.
Within detection treatments, we observed that a larger proportion of nests monitored with both cameras and plasticine eggs hatched, suggesting that the combination of treatments may have decreased likelihood of a predator depredating a nest in accordance with the report by Richardson et al.
Using a remote movie camera, Custer (1973) identified a snowy owl (Nyctea scandiaca) depredating Lapland longspur nestlings at a site near Barrow.
This increase in pinniped populations has resulted in an increase in the number of reports of pinnipeds interacting with fishing boats and depredating the catch in fisheries along the West Coast (Beeson and Hanan (1); NMFS (2)).
They probably accuse [coyotes] of depredating more deer than they actually do.