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Ferocity / depredation is the relationship going from the depredator to the prey, in which the final objective is hunting, killing and eating the prey.
Supposedly, the intangible sense of value could have instinctively appeared in animal evolution at the crucial moment in which a depredator pursuing to hunt and seize as a prey an animal mother's cub, provoked as a consequence of that threat that the animal mother exposes its own life by interposing its body in front of the depredator in behalf and defense of its own cub, in order to save and protect the cub's life, so newly hierarchized.
Conquered by the British in 1761, Tripura had no political agent station until 1871, when "some Kuki depredators" took refuge in the territory of the raja of this small native state.
He joins the crew of the Ocean Warrior, captained by environmental buccaneer Paul Watson, who's known for ramming rogue whalers and other high-seas depredators. Off the coast of Costa Rica, the ship skirmishes with shark-poaching fishermen.
Many forms of juvenile behaviour from gambling to Sabbath-breaking worried contemporaries, but it was `juvenile depredators', juveniles who stole property, that formed the primary target of their concerns.
Think of those Nordic depredators taking their enemies to a hilltop.
His elegant irony at the expense of his |tender Christian depredators' contrasts with narratives like that of Mary Prince, who dictated her story with terrible directness.