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Such are all the depredators, kidnappers, merchandisers and enslavers of men; they do not care, nor consider, how much they injure others, if they can make any advantage to themselves by it
Ortner, eds., Culture/ Power/History: A Reader in Contemporary Social Theory (Princeton 1994): 336-371], or the codes that establish and reinforce long-standing stereotypes of Indians as either "depredators" or "drunks." The lack of a postcolonial lens runs the risk of naturalizing the violence and brutality of a turbulent "frontier." This not only limits the discussion about resistance and depredations, but also undermines more careful investigations into Indian contributions to frontier defence.
Conquered by the British in 1761, Tripura had no political agent station until 1871, when "some Kuki depredators" took refuge in the territory of the raja of this small native state.
He joins the crew of the Ocean Warrior, captained by environmental buccaneer Paul Watson, who's known for ramming rogue whalers and other high-seas depredators. Off the coast of Costa Rica, the ship skirmishes with shark-poaching fishermen.
Many forms of juvenile behaviour from gambling to Sabbath-breaking worried contemporaries, but it was `juvenile depredators', juveniles who stole property, that formed the primary target of their concerns.
Think of those Nordic depredators taking their enemies to a hilltop.