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Grown over 197 hectares, frequently suffers due to the depredatory impact of birds, the major being that of the rose-ringed parakeet (Mehmood and Sheikh, 2006).
1) and therefore, an overall trends for the parakeet depredatory visits in the morning and evening were found to be invariably comparable (Fig.
Depredatory attacks inflected a loss of about 65.1 % on sprouting sunflower in Ludhiana, India, and treatment with repellents, 0.5% thiram and 0.5% copper oxychloride, reduced damage by 15%.
Installation of multi-mirror reflectors for seven continuous days, largely dispelled the house crow depredatory visits to the maize field, producing a sharp and shining image on crop.
No synchronized management measures have been tried here to inhibit its depredatory attacks, possibly due to the complexity exhibited by the aerial mode of life (Fiedler et al., 1991).